Chime Away EP

by The Stairs

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After realizing that the community-effort-pop-album "Miraculous Happens" was nearly impossible to reproduce live, we quickly realized how absurd it was to try and do so. Soon, maybe even weeks later, we stopped playing most of these songs live. Without much discussion we took a sharp turn towards a punkish-lo-fi approach to our recordings and shows. It was out of this disillusioned AND joyous realization that Chime Away was dragged out of us.

Matt Parish (the straight faced lunatic of the eternally underatted live band Ho-Ag) recorded the entire band live together in Room 35 of the Brighton Sound Museum. We added vocals and overdubs later. But the bulk of these songs are four people in a room with a record button blinking red. Listen for pedals slapping on and off at the end of songs.

We didn't have any money to get this mastered. It's still not. I had written a song called "Chime Away" (which appears nowhere) and Evan like it for the EP title. Here it is: The Chime Away EP.

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- Ryan Walsh, 2011


released June 1, 2004

Recorded Spring 2004
Released June 1st 2004

Produced by Matt Parish & The Stairs

Eric Meyer - Drums, Chimes
Leeore Schnairsohn - Bass, Oud, Vocals
Evan Sicuranza - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Ryan Walsh - Guitar, Keyboards, Melodica, Vocals

All songs written by The Stairs Copyright 2004 Summer Is Loaded Music

Other musicians:

Nathaniel Adams - Alto Sax on 7
David Bentley - Cello on 3 & 6
Priyanka Dewan - Trumpet on 4 & 7
John Ling - Guitar on 5

Recorded at The Sound Museum, 1200 Commonwealth Avenue, and The American Repertory Theater.

Special Thanks: Dave Dines & Tyler Derryberry

Copyright 2004 Summer Is Loaded Music

Access To Visions Records release code: ATV003



all rights reserved


The Stairs Dedham, Massachusetts

In 2001 three friends from Dedham, Massachusetts were awarded a cultural grant. They decided to record an album that included everyone in their town that wanted to participate. The finished album was released under the name The Stairs. This is what they made. ... more

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Track Name: The Aunts & Uncles Of Three
The Aunts & Uncles Of Three

We're officially bored for the rest of our lives
we're filled with spark plugs, matches, and knives
why risk the sound?
why shoot a plane out loud?
I'll just say ba ba ba ba ba / ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
the aunts and uncles of 3

To rip off shreds of aggrevation
to completely fail your motivation
why leave this town?
Why burn your mansion down?
I'll just say ba ba ba ba ba / ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
the aunts and uncles of 3

sharp jets and tiny holes
vaulting into the keep
I can't keep it straight
when you've got so many pockets of grief

to hit the road without warning
to fire blanks into the awning
channel 66
never got a reception like this

Just say...
Track Name: Stop Me, Stop Me, Stop Me Before I Get Creative
Stop Me, Stop Me, Stop Me (Before I Get Creative)

Mary went to school in Amsterdam
Now she thinks she's seen the world
And she wants to be an actress, yes
She thinks she'll make the Big Time (oh boy)

Here we go again, it's Friday night
She comes around itching for a fight
You know you shouldn't take it personal
But it's hard when she throws the book at you

And every single time she cries it's clear
In her voice, there's something queer
Sooner or later, dear
Something's surely going to have to change around here

Stop me, stop me, stop me
Before I get creative
Stop me, stop me, stop me
Before I get creative
Stop me, stop me, stop me
Before I blow the damn thing

Mary likes her coffee black and bitter
Well, that's okay, but now she wants to sleep around
And she still comes to you for comfort
When she's down

The stories that she tells, well, they don't help
To make you feel one bit better about yourself
And you know she doesn't mean it (she doesn't mean it)
But then again, what does she mean?

When every single song you've sung is wrong
And you are forced to sing along
To the radio, man, that plays the same damn song
Year after year after year after year (oh my god now)


I never wanted more than this
I never wanted more
I thought that this was happiness
Now, I'm not so sure

Mary thinks of moving back to Amsterdam:
"The people there are nicer, and the culture, it's oh so free."
"But what about me?"
You'd like to ask.

Mary shrugs her shoulders, looks at the floor:
ÕI'm sorry but I just don't
Love you anymore." It's funny
But it doesn't make you laugh.

When every single thing that you do is wrong
You just have to play along
But even Superman, well, he ain't that strong
Fighting kryptonite night after night.
I'm fighting kryptonite night after night (all right)
Track Name: Memory School
Memory School

Just imagine a small town
where the tiniest sound
goes tumbling down

Just imagine you're a teen scream
on a twenty foot screen
you know what I mean

In you town
All around
There was a little old lady
Who lived two doors down

And she can't get to sleep at night
she asked you to come over
snd turn off her nightlight
you sang her to bed
three weeks later
she was deader than she's ever been

La la la la
It was the best of times
It was the worst night of your life
La la la la
Your mother chased you 'round
with a big old kitchen knife
La la la la
Your car's on empty
but you drive around anyways
La la la la
You're a second class student
at a grade A memory school
Track Name: Commander Mercy
Commander Mercy

Commander Mercy put his dog to sleep
He's building railroads out in his backyard
The things he does, he thinks no one can see
But the town is watching, Commander Mercy

Commander Mercy had a peg-legged wife
One day she ran off with a railway porter
Commander Mercy carved a wooden bride
And spilt his curses out upon the ocean

Commander Mercy went to church last night
With his dead dog and his wooden woman
He offered prayers that it might rain
And then he married himself to his affliction

Here he comes, there he goes, here he comes
He's building railroads in his sleep
Here he comes, there he goes, here he comes
He's building railroads in his sleep
Building railroads in his sleep
Building railroads in his sleep

A wooden bride infests his sleep
Track Name: The Far Away People
The Far Away People

Got a flashlight light on my pillow
got a blindfold in the car
got a cork screw in my pocket
and I don't know where you are

got amnesia on my birthday
flew the coop on Halloween
memorized two dozen volumes
of the annotated essays of the far-away team

Every house has a microphone
every house has a microphone
every house has a microphone
the far-away people will record there when you're not at home

they live in telephone wires
they breath the length of the miles
they're absolutely in your tv
(can you see me? can you see me?)
and they're getting close all the while

can you keep a deadly secret?
about the documents they store
paying close attention
to the details that you ignore

break your plans
drive your car
bring your love
save your life
the far-away people are right
Track Name: I Make Maps
I Make Maps

I am a valuable man
I collapse upon command, I am
Replaceable cartridge of
Talented muscle

I work the trickster shift
I fall upon the moon
In the cold light of reason
I am the cup that overflows

I am a minister to
The Millionaire Academy
All the houses say we are
A talented nothing

After the deluge
When the bees have gone to bed
I ride the star-eyed ferry
And when I am aloneÉ

I make maps, I make maps, I make maps
That's what I do
And when you fall asleep
I make maps of you

I am the rage against
The ending of our days
A free radical
At the party of parties

I carry holly
On boughs to the brigade
The soldier in irons
Lies down on the lam

Out of the office
And onto the highway
Radiate me, baby
I am catch as catch can

And when I finish
The last will be the first
My wish is your command
And in the big roomÉ


I am the Grocer Boy
I am the Lucky One
I am the Confidant of the Heart-broken Angels

I am the New Machine
The Airship Submarine
I am the Answer

The silence is broken
Track Name: Catastrophe In The Library
Catastrophe In The Library

Anna left my class I don't know why
Couldn't eat too much and so she died
Learning a lot what I could have done

Kristen left my class I don't know why
Tripped off a ledge and so she died
Don't take it personally, they say,
We can't seem to learn from catastrophe,
Her aging over, my aging over

Who will dote on your sentences, girl?
All is liquid on a hard drive somewhere
Unburden yourself, break all the windows
Track Name: Bulb Popper
Bulb Popper

The day Zach stopped believing in the Planet X
all the fish jumped out of the water and broke their neck
the adults all laughed and the kids all cried
no one knew why no one knew why

Who told Zach to stop believing?
Was it a friend, a mother, or psychiatrist scheming?
Told him he'd have to grow up today
forget your friends on Planet X and blow them away
blow them away - blow them away

So Zach packed up all of his inventions
his Cosmonautic Phaser Of Good Intentions
His Telephone to speak with Planet X
To consult with its leader and see what's next
see what's next - see what's next

Well I still believe in Planet X
its microscopic shores and its filaments
the towers of cans, the warehouse of plans
the gray soupy ocean lapping atomized sands
atomized sands, atomized sands

And if you can believe it it's real
just ask the people of Planet X how they feel
to go on without their leader
to inch ahead, filled with dread, one small meter
one small meter - one small meter

so come on now and join the world
join the boys and join the girls
bulb popper - show stopper

we are waiting, we are waiting, we are waiting

to shine is to shatter but does it matter?